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WELCOME TO LAUGHS TO SELF® ! We're an online art gallery exclusively exhibiting wearable art – reinventing how people think of and appreciate art + fashion. We strive to inspire smiles, creative expression, and conversations. Introduce yourself on social media @LaughsToSelf and let’s connect! #wearart

Made in the USA.




You have a spirit for humor, prize creativity, and lead rather than follow trends. Our wearable art collection is the first of its kind in the art and fashion worlds, premiering handmade original artwork on men's and women's streetwear clothing in lieu of art gallery walls.


We're redefining how art is publicly appreciated and streetwear is valued by merging illustration and expressive apparel. Why? Because we grew bored with the lack of originality in streetwear options today: brands charging insane prices on comparable-quality garments, simply for the visibility of a logo or trite computer graphic. As creatives, we wanted something more personalized…something with a handmade human element that would reflect our humor, thoughts, and lives. As artists, we also wanted more people to benefit from our art than the one individual who would traditionally buy the one copy of an art piece. And so, Laughs To Self® was born to introduce a more original means of style expression and public art exhibition.


Laughs to Self® is distinguished from other art galleries in that we hang our artwork on people, using clothing as portable canvases.  This makes our art interactive and public - able to be enjoyed by a wider audience than would traffic an art museum or buy from an art gallery.



You want clothing that fits your personality, mood, and comfort lifestyle. Our quirky wearable art collection is personality-driven and relatable, featuring tongue-in-cheek undertones. We don't use stand-alone logos to justify your importance. We use originality, creativity, and playful spirit to ensure you stand apart, because what ultimately makes you unique is your personality – not the logos you wear.



Our wearable art offers a smart, creative solution to invite new people into conversation, using the power of art comedy to unite new friends with common sense of humor. Your shirt can become your smartest conversation starter.


Laughs To Self’s fashion promotes quirky humor and inspires art reactions, helping you make people smile and engage in conversation as you go about your day. Wearing witty humor makes you approachable and lightens mood.



You want style, comfort, and originality without breaking the bank. You may also be a fan of original art but not a fan of original art prices. We got you. Since our artwork is made for wear on shirts and sweatshirts - not made for wall hanging - you're able to save money and own original art at clothing prices. All our wearable art is priced under $75, making art an affordable luxury.


For the $39 price you might spend on your favorite sushi dinner, devoured in minutes, you could enjoy a Laughs To Self® shirts for years. ...Now that's value. (Disclaimer: Do not eat our apparel.)



For press and business partnerships, contact business[at]laughstoself[dot]comIf you have a customer inquiry or feedback, contact support[at]laughstoself[dot]com